14/09/2018 12:57



Do you also feel an imaginary pressure pushing you to the use of modern social media?

Being one of the baby-boom generations I was born (1946) into a world based on an oral -
face to face - communication, paper messages, letters, books, on
newspaper, mail post, photograph, film, telephone, telegraph, and radio
telecommunication tools.  

During my life, there appeared new communication technologies like wireless information
transfer, television, fax, mobile phones, and the world wide web of (personal)
computers with lots of internet applications.

A stunning development of new powerful high- speed hardware and clever software
technologies, optical cables, and satellite networks together with new
generations of desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones gave birth to a new
- Social Media - tools, like the LinkedIn (2002), Facebook (2004), YouTube
(2005), Twitter (2006), Viber (2014), Instagram (2010), WhatsApp (2014), and
many others in the last 15 years.

They enable the creation and sharing of information, ideas, knowledge, opinions, emotions,
etc. in the form of texts, pictures, audio-/video-records.  

All the technologies cost a lot of money and it must be paid by lots of people.

However, most of the folk do not need to share their life experience, feelings, and intimacy
with others, in the form of their own video programs, or musical show, literary
works, etc.          

As to me, I think I am a rather conservative type of a man. Nevertheless, I am using a
smartphone, together with several computers around me, and many of the internet applications to

-    well connected with others,     

-    well informed about my ambient world,

-    well oriented and safe while traveling,
-    and more efficient in my work. 

Namely, I use e-mail, research, and other professional databases,

My non-professional resources are Wikipedia, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and
social groups sites on philosophy, astronomy, traveling, and of course of the
Toastmasters International sites.

I have set up my own websites oriented on one of my hobbies - i.e. philosophy and science

I learned the Kindle Direct Publishing technology and have used it for publishing of my
book "What the World is About - How to Cope with the World.  

In my opinion, the Social Media technologies represent the basic literacy and qualifying requirements for
performance of interesting jobs and for the wellbeing of modern people.
However, be aware:  the smart Social Media world demands smart ideas, smart goals, and smart personal effort and zeal.